UxSRTO Past Projects

EMILY to collect sea-level data to improve hurricane forecasts

Ozone Monitoring using Skywisp® UxSRTO

Monitoring Marine Debris using two Small UxSRTO

Monitoring Marine Sanctuaries with PUMA

Date Platform Project
2005 Altair NOAA/NASA fly Altair over Channel Islands Marine National monument. Flights reached altitudes of 45,000 ft and duration of 18.4 hours.
2005 Aerosonde NOAA/NASA fly Aerosonde into tropical storm Ophelia off North Carolina Coast
2006 Silver Fox and Manta Flight tests by NOAA from Upolo Point, Hawaii
2006 Altair NASA/USDA-FS/NOAA Fire Mission with Altair
2007 Aerosonde NOAA/NASA make first unmanned flight into a hurricane (Noel)
2008 Manta Glacier ice and melt pond mapping demonstration in Greenland
2008 ScanEagle Successfully launched from NOAA ship Oscar Dyson in preparation for study of ice seals in Bering Sea
2009 WISDOM Weather In-Situ Deployment Optimization Method program developed at NOAA OAR
2009 ScanEagle Ice Seal imaging demonstration in Bering Sea
2010 Global Hawk NASA/NOAA Global Hawk Pacific (GloPac) Experiment with first flight from California to Alaska to 85°N latitude and back
2010 Global Hawk NASA/NOAA Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) Experiment with first flight of Global Hawk over high-impact ocean storms
2011 VTOL Penguin photography demonstration in Antarctica with Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL)
2011 Manta Soot Transport, Absorption, and Deposition Study (STADS) in Norway
2011 Global Hawk NOAA/NASA Winter Storm Pacific and Atmospheric Reviers (WISPAR) Experiment with first release of high-altitude dropsonde in the Arctic
2011 PUMA US Coast Guard/NOAA Simulated Oil Spill Exercise
2012   Field testing of methane and trace gas sensing payload for potential UAS applications
2012 PUMA and Aeryon Scout VTOL Steller sea lion demonstration in Aleutian Sea
2012 Global Hawk NOAA Scientists Part of NASA-Led Mission to Study The Damaging Storms With Unmanned Aircraft, New Instruments