NOAA Uncrewed Systems
Research Transition Office

Research Areas

Evaluate observing strategies

Address critical data gaps

Facilitate UxSRTO application

Evaluate ship-launched UxSRTO technology and infrastructure

Develop extended visual line of sight operations

Analyze the value of high-altitude observations

Develop UxSRTO CONOPS for conducting pinniped surveys in remote regions

UxSRTO Program Mission

To facilitate UxSRTO applications and utilization

Accelerate transition of UxSRTO capabilities from research to operations

Provide expertise and resources for UxSRTO research and development

NOAA’s Alaska Fisheries Science Center’s (AFSC) studies Alaska’s marine ecosystems to ensure the sustainable use and conservation of living marine resources in federal waters.  A recent study done by NOAA scientists focuses on surveying ice seals, with the primary goal of deploying non-invasive, low-disturbance methods for monitoring the body condition of Arctic seals as an indicator of population health and productivity. During April 2022, researchers with the The Polar Ecosystems Program (PEP) embarked on the NOAA AFSC ice seal research expedition aboard the NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson in the eastern Bering Sea.
(Video/Credit: AFSC). Read more in our article, click here.