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The OAR ORTA UxSRTO is no longer operating.

For further information, please visit The Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (OMAO) Uncrewed Systems Program webpage.

UxSRTO Project Summary Articles

  1. UxSRTO-based Mapping of Riverine Habitats to Inform Management of Endangered Chinook Salmon
  2. First Test Flights of the High-altitude Operational Return Unmanned System (HORUS) for AirCore
  3. Developing DJI M210RTK Shipboard Operations
  4. Marine Mammal Monitoring Surveys Using a Hybrid Fixed-Wing UxSRTO
  5. Developing an UAS-Based Approach for Surveying Northern Fur Seals in Alaska
  6. Observing Atmospheric Fluxes with UAS (miniFlux)
  7. Rapid Detection of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)
  8. sUAS Bathymetric Mapping for Featureless Bottom Topography
  9. Surveying Antarctic Predators to Inform Fisheries Management
  10. Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Research and Operations in Tropical Cyclones (sUAS-ROTC)
  11. Automating Aerial Image Processing & Analysis with Machine Learning